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When the consumer takes a conventional dosage form, the AI blood concentration increases relatively fast, within 0.5-2 hours. This immediate increase is followed by a sharp decrease in AI concentration due to distribution to other tissues or elimination. Thus, the person needs to take a second dose within 4-6 hours, in order to keep the effective blood concentration. The danger here is that, by each time consuming a conventional dosage form, the plasma concentration goes up to the region that side effects are prevalent, because of high AI concentration.

In contrast, when the person takes a time-release product, the AI concentration appears only in the “therapeutic window” range. As it is seen, the AI concentration appears in a constant level in blood and decreases gradually after 8 hours. In this way we get the desired plasma level of AI as well as avoiding the incidence of side effects.

Under the Solmic® brand, we manufacture stable micelles that protect sensitive active ingredients from premature destruction in the acidic environment of the stomach and increase the absorption of lipophilic and thus poorly water-soluble active ingredients in the small intestine. Solmic® micelles increase the bioavailability of such active ingredients in the blood by 5 to 160 times compared to the respective non-micellar analog.

  • Non water-soluble compounds in general.
  • Very advantageous for solubilization of plant derived actives from TCM and other traditional medicines  
  • Enable delivery of active ingredients across barriers of the body established by epithelial tissues (e.g., epidermis of the skin, oral mucosa, intestinal mucosa), and thus
  • increase bioavaliability in the systemic blood circulation.
  • Oral application of nutrional supplemements and pharmaceuticals provided in dropping bottles, sprays or ampulles
  • Topical applications of cosmetic / cosmeceutical products provided in cremes, gels, sera, etc.
  • Protect active ingredients from oxidative stress and thus improve their stability and thus the product‘s shelf life. Examples: Q10, CBD, Fe2+.
  • Reduce dosage of precious /expensive active ingredients due to improved bioavailability.
  • Improve taste and odor of bad-tasting active ingredients (often the case if plant derived).
  • Change the mode of application. Examples: from teas to ready-to-use ampulles, from oily to aqueous application
  • Provide new intellectual properties to existing recipes.

Details of a formulation technology for supplements and cosmetics

Typical Solmic micelles show a uniform distribution and particle diameter (left: electron microspcope; righ: dynamic light scattering).

To encapsulate water-insoluble nutrients in uniform micelles of 30-50 nm diameter and prepare them into a transparent aqueous solution. Use Case: Frankincense:

Frankincense resin

It looks like some kind of fish glue dried in the sun. Not to be applied directly to the skin surface.

Frankincense resin

Frankincense processed to essential oils is the most commonly used form today. However, it is still sticky and thus used for aromatherapy. It should not be applied directly to the skin.

Frankincense resin

The solution is light yellow and transparent. It i absorbed quickly when applied to the skin. The skin feeling is greatly enhanced as compared to oil-in-water particles.

How Does it Work

  • Following oral application micelles penetrate the endothelial of the digestive tract and thus be efficiently absorbed by the body.
  • Following topical application micelles are transported to lower skin layers (deep epidermis, dermis).
  • In addition to healthy individual, using Solmic micelle technology increases the greater absorption of lipophilic nutrients (e.g., vitamins A, D, E, K, and plant extracts) in aging population with low bile secretion and individuals with unhealthy liver and gallbladder. 
  • Intestine can only absorb lower percent of daily dose for commonly available tablet/capsule with lipid-based nutrients and therefore much higher dose consumption is required than with micellar ingredients.


  • Stable micelles solutions improve shelf life of critical ingredients at room temperature.
  • Solubilisation of poorly water-soluble ingredients. 
  • Increase of bioavailability of such ingredients by several folds..

Cannabinoids without Solmic micelle technology rapidly degrade within 21 days stored at room temperature

Cannabinoids solubilized with Solmic micelles remain active and stable over time

Smartbeads® are small pellets in which the active ingredients are concentrated. They are released from these pellets with a time delay in the gastrointestinal tract and thus continuously enter into the bloodstream for further utilization. In this way, an optimal concentration of the active substance can be achieved over time and potentially problematic peak concentrations can be avoided. The low intake of dietary supplements throughout the day and the improved taste of the herbal ingredients, which often have a bitter taste in their non-formulated form, are advantageous for the consumer.

  • All kind of active ingredients.
  • Very advantageous for heat sensitive ingredients or ingredients not stable in liquid formulations.
  • Upon oral application allow pH dependent release of active ingredients (acidic – stomach, neutral – small intestine,  alkaline – large intestine). 
  • Allow time delayed release of active ingredients of up to 8 hours, and thus 
  • Delayed/ prolonged bioavaliability in the systemic blood circulation.
  • Oral application of nutrional supplemements and pharmaceuticals provided in sachets and capsules.
  • Protect active ingredients from oxidative stress.
  • Less fluctuation in active ingredient’s blood levels.
  • Reduction in frequency of dosing (e.g. one Smart beads capsule replaces three conventional capsules).
  • Enhanced consumer’s convenience and compliance.
  • Reduction in adverse effects (concentration stays below minimum toxic concentration.)

Details of a versatile formulation technology for a broad range of supplementation challenges

How Are the Pellets Made

  • Pellets are formulated with active ingredient in the core.
  • The quality of the pellets are tested during production process.
  • Pellets are coated with a semi-permeable coating. 
  • Pellets are filled into capsules.
  • Capsules are controlled for their quality.

How Does it Work

  • After ingestion, the capsule shell is dissolved, and pellets are released.
  • In contact with gastric fluids, the coating membrane starts forming holes.
  • Through these holes the active ingredient is released in a controlled manner.
  • The coating controls the release profile. 

We transfereda concept well known for pharmaceutical dugs tonutrional supplements

Solmic currently has three formulation technologies that are used individually or in combination to optimize product properties by specifically changing the bioavailability of active ingredients (their proportion in the bloodstream).

The graph shows the plasma concentration of active ingredient (AI) versus time. The lower line shows the “Minimum effective concentration”, and the highest line shows the “Maximum safe concentration” of AI in blood. Below the “Minimum effective concentration” the AI will not be effective.

The space between “Minimum effective concentration” and “Minimum toxic concentration” is called “therapeutic window” where AI exerts its effect.

Between “Maximum safe concentration” and “Minimum toxic concentration” lines there is a risky zone that the side effect of AI occurs.

The dashed line is conventional dosage form, and the solid line is time-release dosage form.


  • Less Fluctuation in active ingredient’s blood levels.
  • Frequency reduction in dosing.
  • Enhanced consumer’s convenience and compliance.
  • Reduction in adverse effects.
  • Reduction in overall health care cost.
Under this technology brand name lipid-based formulation technologies are summarized, including liposomes and LNPs. They have properties similar to micelles when taken orally. Due to their aqueous core, water-soluble active ingredients can also be formulated protectively. With special surface modifications, the nanoparticles can target organs, tissues and even individual cells and release their content. Lipid-based formulations are particularly suitable for dietary supplements, sprays, eye drops, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Water-soluble, non water-soluble and amphophilic compounds are solubilized in the aqueous core and or lipophilic membrance. 
  • Very advantageous for biomacromolecules like proteins, peptides, DNA and RNA.
  • Enable delivery of active ingredients across barriers of the body established by epithelial tissues (e.g., epidermis of the skin, oral mucosa, intestinal mucosa, eye mucosa, nasal mucosa, lung mucosa), and thus 
  • increase bioavaliability in the systemic blood circulation.
  • Special lipid compositions allow sustained blood circulation of more than 24 hours.
  • Special lipid compositions allow site specific targeting of selected cells and tissues (TargoSphere®).
  • Oral application of nutrional supplemements and pharmaceuticals provided in dropping bottles, sprays or ampulles. 
  • Topical applications of cosmetic / cosmeceutical products provided in cremes, gels, sera, etc. 
  • Nasal / pulmonal application of pharmaceuticals provided in sprays or inhalers. 
  • Eye application of supplements or medicinal products provided in dropping bottles.
  • Protect active ingredients from oxidative stress.
  • Reduce dosage of precious /expensive active ingredients.
  • Provide new intellectual properties to existing recipes.


SolMic BioTech is pioneering nanomedicines comprising cell-specific nanocarriers and proprietary active pharmaceutical ingredients. The company has developed expertise, know-how and proprietary positions in the development of special drug formulations for active agents (e.g. small molecules, proteins or nucleic acids) from clients and partners from research institutions and the pharmaceutical industry.
Life cycle management: NC delivery changes the biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of the therapeutic cargo. Differentiating features, e.g long drug circulating time, slow drug release or cell specific drug delivery. NC delivered drugs could be proposed for new indications.
Rescuing pipeline failures: NC delivery can provide effects that improve therapeutic efficacy as well as reduce toxicity. NC protect the in vivo environment from harmful drugs (off target).
Enabling novel therapies: NC protect their therapeutic cargo from the in vivo environment, which can improve the stability of the drug and enhance its target engagement (on target).


The TargoSphereR technology can also be aligned to customers’ needs regarding targeting selectivity, payload, delivery route and release characteristics. This toolbox approach offers a customizable technology to target disease-relevant cells and tissues and allow conceptualizing of a wide range of nanomedicines.
SolMic BioTech is currently using its portfolio of cell-specific TargoSphereR variants to develop treatment options with nanomedicine preparations for infectious, immune and metabolic diseases.

Combined formulations

We creatively combine individual formulation technologies and use them to create products with unique properties. From these solid-liquid products, the bioavailability of their ingredients follows precise patterns. It is therefore possible for an ingredient to initially appear in the blood in a high concentration (due to micelles) and then be released into the bloodstream over several hours (due to time release). It is also possible that some ingredients are released immediately and others with a delay. Combined formulations are suitable for dietary supplements and medicinal products

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