Wide range of B2B services offered by Solmic

We are your full service provider

From concept development to delivery of your finished product, we take care of all the steps. Filling, labelling and repackaging take place on our premises, and we can also create your design on request.


The production processes are batch-controlled and fully documented. This means that it is possible to record at any time when, where and by whom goods were removed and added, stored and transported in which processing steps.

Nutritional supplements

As an IFS-Food qualified manufacturer of dietary supplements, we offer our expertise at all levels of manufacturing. Starting from the development of formulations to the packaging of the final product, we always focus on the best raw materials and trained personnel. Our patented micelle technology serves as the basis to increase the bioavailability of many supplemental substances. In the development we can build on years of experience, which helps us to find the best possible formulation for your needs. We combine herbal raw materials, important minerals and vitamins from qualified suppliers in the optimal ratio. Furthermore, we offer commercial production and packaging as finished products. We are also always at your side for regulatory questions and qualitative analysis. You are welcome to approach us with your own product ideas and get advice from our experts.


As a full-service manufacturer of cosmetic products, we not only take care of the production, we also procure raw materials and packaging materials. We also carry out the regulatory requirements prescribed in connection with the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 (EU Cosmetics Regulation). The production takes place in our qualified rooms in compliance with the cosmetic GMP standard ISO 22716 of the Good Manufacturing Practice. This is a standard we take for granted. We supervise and manufacture your products from the idea to the filling and delivery. We have a portfolio of ready-developed cosmetic products that we can adapt to your wishes. You have your own ideas? We will realise that too together with you! We are happy to advise you on special raw materials and technologies and create a unique product.

Active substances

We are a GMP-certified active ingredient manufacturer. As experts in the filling and packaging of active ingredients, we offer you fast, reliable and safe processing.
Our modern facilities and experienced staff ensure efficient filling and packaging in compliance with the highest quality standards. Quality is our top priority and is ensured by our GMP-compliant quality management system.
As a full-service provider, you will receive first-class service from us, starting with procurement, regulatory clarification and incoming goods and release analysis.
Trust our years of experience as an active ingredient manufacturer and contact us to learn more.

Recipe creation

The decisive factor of a good product is the right composition of ingredients, only then can the product develop its full effect and convince the customer of its benefits.
The many years of experience of our R&D team enable us to formulate products based on requirements, taking into account all the latest findings from evidence-based research and science and, of course, complying with all EU regulations, costs and ingredient properties.
In our modern laboratories, we develop the formulation according to your requirements. All development processes and fillings are also “Made in Germany”. We accompany your upscaling process from small pilot batch to commercial production process.


We apply our outstanding manufacturing know-how to established extraction methods for herbal ingredients, solubilisation and formulation technologies to optimize the product.
The highest standards of quality are a matter of course for us. This begins with the selection and validation of our suppliers, from whom we source the best raw materials and ingredients. To qualify products, we carry out stability tests, especially microbiological tests, measurement of the PH value and refractive index. From these parameters we also determine the minimum shelf life for the product. A special expertise lies in the quantitative determination of single substances and qualitative fingerprinting of plant extracts.


We review our network of qualified suppliers and our trusted access to Chinese suppliers of raw materials and packaging materials in particular according to requirements and costs. Raw materials and packaging materials are only procured after the supplier has been qualified by our quality management system. New raw material samples are closely scrutinized in our analytical laboratory. The raw materials can be subjected to an identity test or content test. We also do not ignore microbiological testing as well as pesticides and heavy metals. In the case of raw material sources from non-European countries, we carry out qualification studies, if necessary, in order to be able to issue European certificates of analysis. Packaging materials that have direct contact with the product pose a risk to the quality of a product. This makes the duty of care in the selection of the manufacturer more important for us. We can only guarantee product safety if the quality is consistent.

Bulk production

On our 500 m2 we can already produce small quantities from 30 kg up to several tons of bulk for you and deliver them in a bulk container. Our production can take over cold and hot production of liquid products but also of mixtures of solid powders and pellets. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the bulk can then be further processed as a semi-finished product.

White label production

The product is filled into primary packaging (tubes, bottles, etc.) and tested (stability, microbiological tests, etc.). The product is then released for finishing.

Private label production

Present your ideas and concepts. Together with us, you can create your product with your own label. We are also happy to take care of the design for you.

Analytical expertise

With our analytical expertise, we offer you far-reaching services to ensure the quality of your products. We support you in characterizing plant raw materials by performing HPLC fingerprinting of plant extracts. Here we determine the literature known lead substances for them and can determine the content of these substances in the extract. Our expertise includes method development and establishment of analytical methods for the determination of these active substances. Stability studies of these substances are part of our routine analysis. This enables us to offer you a quality that is unique in the dietary supplement and cosmetics market.

Fingerprinting of plant extracts

  • Identification of active ingredients in plant extracts by HPLC-MS
  • E.g. propolis, Siberian ginseng, frankincense, cistanche…
  • Method development and determination of active ingredient concentrations in plant extracts and final products
  • Unique verification of the quality of products in the dietary supplements and cosmetics market