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SolMic BioTech GmbH

Solmic Biotech GmbH belongs to the Biolife Group headquartered in Heidelberg. Prior to its acquisition in 2020 the company has been building its expertise as specialist in micellar formulations dating back to pioneers who started applying the technology to nutritional supplements. In 2021 it has acquired additional formulation technologies (modified release technologies, liposomal and LNP technologies).

The Group’s unique approach for all its product categories is to combine plantderived actives and formulas known from the traditional medicine systems of China, Peru, India, Persia, and Germany with modern formulation technologies.

By applying these technologies, the product profiles can be considerably differentiated: the bioavailability of individual ingredients in supplements may be increased, prolonged or both, the accessibility of cosmetic ingredients to skin layers may be enhanced, the stability of sensitive ingredients may be improved, among others.

14 patent families as of September 2022

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