Many valuable active ingredients do not dissolve or dissolve poorly in water, making them difficult for humans to absorb. With our patented formulation technologies, these active ingredients are encapsulated in micelles (Solmic®Micelle Technology) or in liposomal nanoparticles (TargoSphere® Technology). This makes the active ingredients water-soluble and more bioavailable as an ingredient in a dietary supplement, or they can reach deeper layers of the skin as an ingredient in a cosmetic product.

Solmic® Micelle Technology

Smartbeads® Technology

TargoSphere® Technology


We are your full-service provider. From concept development to delivery of your finished product, we take care of all stages. Filling, labeling and repackaging take place on our premises, and we are also happy to take care of the design for you.

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Bulk production

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Quality management

Our quality management system complies with internationally recognized quality standards of the food and pharmaceutical industry. These include IFS food standard and GMP guidelines. Furthermore, we are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a manufacturer for dietary supplements.

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